Feature Releases

v0.3 – Recurring Bills (WIP)July 20, 2020

• Recurring Bills
• Added different bill recurrences to add & edit bills

• Make bill name clickable to edit in list view
• Remove edit icon from bills list
• Add cents to all display amounts
• Split bills to paid and unpaid (computed lifecycle)
• Limit paid bills to 10

Bug Fixes
• Redirect Logged In Users to Dashboard when they visit app.

v0.2 – Importance & Analytics (Latest)November 18, 2019

• Fixed Bill Importance Options (Low, Medium, High) – Removed “Very”
• Fixed Add Bill Component After submitting with errors, submit button goes away
• Fixed A paid, Past due bill, still staying past due
• Added Google Analytics
• Added UIKit for Modal Toggle
• Bug fixes & Styling issues

• Fixed Add Bill Modal Dashboard Button being offset

• Fixed Admin Nav being stacked on apple mobile
• Fixed Form input fields

v0.1 – Round 1 Bugs & EnhancementsOctober 24, 2019

• Fix Bug: after adding 1 bill, then choosing “add another”, after entering 2nd bill, button goes away
• Add another bill button pushes router to Add Bill Page -> Force Update
• Your large buttons aren’t clickable. Only the text inside is
• Change “Add Bill” Button to Save
• Dashboard 2.0
• Style for mobile
• Double Flag on Bills Dashboard
• Add Icon to Edit Bill
• Make Mark as Paid More clickable looking

v0.0 – Initial VersionAugust 18, 2019


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